VoIP solutions

Abbreviation VoIP stands for Voice over IP, a technology that allows the voice/sound to be transmitted through a computer network.

VoIP technology enables great flexibility with how telephones are used. In traditional set ups, each telephone device was connected to the central switchboard with its own wire, used only for that purpose. This made phone tapping easy – it was enough to hook another device to the same wire in order to eavesdrop on someone's conversations.

As computer networks developed, this also enabled the same technology to be used for telephoning – through VoIP. Why have to wiring systems when you can have one that suites both computer and telephone needs. The telephone system became more secure and networks are now more easily extended and upgraded. Companies that operate from several locations can now run their own telephone system through a VPN connectivity, based on one, central office – which also reduces the overall phone costs. For example, with VoIP, it's possible to use a smart telephone from distant (international) locations without incurring additional charge, just as you were in your local office.

With Vizura's VoIP solutions, you only need to set up a subscription with a telecommunications provider.

Then once installed, the VoIP system enables you to:

  • Monitor your costs
  • Integrate faxing with computer network
  • Record calls
  • Install your own call center
  • Have free calls within your network and remote locations
VoiP rješenja
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