Technical Security

Technical Security

The term technical security refers to a set of activities used to directly or indirectly protect people and property; it is carried out with technical devices and systems whose purpose is to stop unlawful activities against people and property under protection.

Simply put, technical security consists of alarms, video surveillance systems, break-in protection systems and other measures to ensure security in a designated area.

Video surveillance system tracks and records all movement in a protected area (business premises or private homes), keeping a digital record of the footage in a central device called the recorder. The distribution of cameras has a twofold function: to prevent (they reduce the number of break-in attempts just by being conspicuously placed), and to repress (every break-in is recorded allowing the intruders to be easily identified).

The most efficient protection is achieved when a local video surveillance system is connected to a centralized alarm report centre. In case a protected area is breached, the alarm is triggered in the report centre, enabling a security guard to 'have eyes' on the location through a live video stream. They assess if the alarm is false or if a genuine break-in attempt is in progress, in which case an intervention unit is sent out to the location and the Police is notified. Video surveillance systems equipped with sound enable a security guard to warn intruders over speakers even before they break into a location.

Video surveillance and technical security systems can perform simple actions: for example, detect motion inside an area or secure windows and doors with a magnetic contact, and send an alert to the owner's phone. Advanced systems consist of various elements, such as break-in alarm, fire alarm, access control, camera control, which all integrate into a unique robust solution.

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